Makeda and the Tooth Fairy

Okay so it has been a lifetime (actually just since May) that I have posted on this blog and my Mom is giving me a hard time that she hasn't seen any new pictures of the girls recently. So, I will make an attempt to catch up for the summer months that were so enjoyed and cherished by all, but missed on this blog.

First let me start with an update on Makeda. Makeda turned 4 years old on the 21st of June (I will post these pictures at a later date). She has been in our family for a little over a year. During this time she has had so many firsts, so many times she has had to adapt and change (new culture, new language, new social norms, new family, new everything). I admire her skill to adapt and change in order to find a common ground in such uncommon surroundings. We could all learn from her perseverance.
According to her 4 year wellness visit with the doctor, she has grown 7 inches and gained 8 pounds in the last year. She has also gone through 3 shoe sizes and lost her front two teeth (yup that one was a HUGE surprise-especially since she is the ONLY preschooler to lose teeth in her class). I wasn't prepared for what my stance was on the tooth fairy - if I we were going to deceive her and tell her the factitious tale of the tooth fairy who appears in your room while you are vulnerably sleeping - takes your tooth for some unknown reason to me and leaves you a present (usually money). Well, since I was caught off guard and Makeda came with tears streaming down her face that "my tooth is broken". The story of the tooth fairy came flying out of my mouth; as if that would make it all better. I hadn't realized how creepy the story sounds or may sound to a little child. She was first terrified that something came into her room while she was sleeping even if it was a fairy. Then she asked the question "what does she do with the teeth?". Great question and I had no idea? So, I said that she takes them and makes a sparkling white house out of all the teeth she collects. Makeda laughs hysterically at me and says "really, is that the truth?". Without knowing what to say, because obviously I was just making that bullshit up, I say "well if you believe it, it is". And there you go...the beginning of the lies we weave in order to keep American traditions that have been passed from generation to generation - then I'm left with the question, why can't we have substantial tales to pass down, like other cultures, that teach a lesson - what exactly are we teaching our children when we pay them for their teeth? Ahhh you have got to love the richness of American culture.

PS- Simret wants to be the Tooth Fairy for Halloween?

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Anonymous said...

Ahhh...that is AWESOME! The inner struggle each of us go through when making the choice between deception or true disappointment to our child (and likely ALL of their friends that they, too, will be honest to). I can already picture the tooth fairy costume - please tell me this is coming to fruition! Xoxo Jess

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