Simret one-liners: Part 1

Lately Simret has been saying the absolute funniest things (we call them Simret's one-liners). Here are a few examples:

"Hey, take it easy Dada"

"Now Keda, all of us women need to listen to Daddy"

"When I get-it-together, I want everyone to be quiet"

"Now Ty I know you were missing me, but my sister is still sleeping"

"Okay Keda, now tell me when your not stinky anymore so that we can play Rapunzel"

"Keda are you listening, Keda are you listening, I'm going to hit you if your not listening to the birds outside"

"Ahhh no one cares"

"You smell like chocolate, I'm going to eat you up Mama"

"Where is my beera?" (when referring to her rootbeer)

"I'm not gonna pee on the floor, I'm gonna pee in my panties"

there is so much more material, until later...

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